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A story of beautiful working girl on the streets of St. Georg in Hamburg (Germany)
shares a lot of similarities with a story of homeless poet from Ljubljana (Slovenia).
Both of them are fighting a heroin addiction, each in more or less honest but funny way.

Genre: documentary

Duration: 52 min


Danijel’s body is a wreck but he posses an endless amount of self-criticism and peculiar humor. His friend Zoki with honestly expresses that drugs are his only desire while Danijel will quit. He is writing poems, spending time again and again in a hospital because of blood infections… He is talking about his plans, about finding a new home, about poems…

Denise’s beauty sometimes glitters bright through the hardship which darkened her face. Life among prostitutes on the streets of St. Georg is an adventure, combined with drugs it is an endless voyage between enormous joy, fear and pain. Denise is quitting step by step while her father is still giving her support.

Both stories are constantly intersecting and overlapping each other. It becomes clear that somewhere in the background they describes two different societies and two approaches toward illicit drug users – a liberal one in Hamburg and opposite one in Ljubljana. Ljubljana one simply doesn’t work.

directing, scriptwriting and editing by Boštjan Slatenšek, produced by Uroš Goričan, cinematography by Boštjan Slatenšek and Dunja Engelbreht, music composed by Vojko Sfiligoj, sound design by Peter Gruden

Year of production: 2012

Technical details: 16:9, HD

Country: Slovenia

Language: Slovenian, German / English subtitles

Filming locations: Slovenia, Germany

Co-produced by: RTV Slovenia

Project phase: distribution

Contact: Uroš Goričan
Tel.:+386 31 655 203


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