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Genre: documentary

Duration: 50 min

Bridging the bridge


City of Mitrovica (Kosovo) is crossed and divided by the river Ibar. North side of the river is Serbian, southern Albanian. Situation has been unchanged since 1999, since the end of the Kosovo war. Above the river Mitrovica’s bridge, on the bridge international soldiers.

The economical situation in Mitrovica strikes at an early age: everyday life is a struggle. Petrit, 12, knows the city like the back of his hand. He is helping to maintain his family, selling pumpkin seeds. Most of his customers are international KFOR soldiers guarding the bridge. Far from their homes and families these apparently relaxed men know that the situation is always on the verge to explode: the bridge is rally point in case of inter-community clashes.

Only a few people are dedicating their time to create communication between two banks: Martin, a Dutch artist is one of those. Specialised in post-conflict areas, with his truck transformed into an ambulant gallery, he provides the people he meets canvases and one theme: Hope. Passing from one side to the other he gathers and presents the finished artworks. For him the only way to build bridges between communities is art.

Year of production:

Technical details: 16:9

Country: Slovenia

Language: English, Albanian, Slovenian

Filming location: Kosovo

Co-produced by: DA’ART picture

Co-financed by: Slovenian Film Centre

Project phase: distribution

Contact: Uroš Goričan
Tel.: +386 31 655 203


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