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A story about soldiers who didn’t want to shoot.

Genre: feature, animation

Duration: 82 min


In the start of the breakup of Yugoslavia, spring 1991, there is a group of young conscripted soldiers in a remote military outpost. As army and country are falling apart, three friends are facing a decision of their lives – they must decide who will become whose mortal enemy.

Viki, Boris and Drago are 18 years old boys serving in the Yugoslav federal army. First a Slovene, second a Croat and third a Serb from Bosnia suppose to protect their Federal country.

Slovenia and Croatia will soon declare independence. It is clear that this means start of the war. Since the local Serb inhabitants are already shooting at the Croatian villages nearby and the Yugoslav Federal army is turning a blind eye if not actually openly supporting them it is as well clear that army will step to the side of only one of the Yugoslavia’s nations. Media are drumming up hatred, Serb irregulars committed first atrocities against Croat population just a stone trove from the fence of the military outpost. Viki and Boris decide to flee. The decision for Boris is much harder. He believes in a country which doesn’t exist anymore and he is a Serb.

The two friends climb over the fence pass Boris who is a sentry and they start running through the area controlled by hostile Serb irregulars.

Klemen Mauhler, Almir Mehić, Asim Ugljen, Aleksandar Rajaković, Zijah Sokolivić, Žarko Savić, Bajazit Alomerović, Sebastian Nared, Uroš Jezdić

Crew: directing, scriptwriting and editing by Boštjan Slatenšek, produced by Igor Pediček, photography by Rado Likon, animation by Darko Vučenik, music composed by Dubravko Robić, sound design by Igor Burnič

Year of production: 2011

Technical details: 16:9, HD

Country: Slovenia

Language: Slovenian, Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian / English subtitles

Filming locations: Slovenia, Bosnia, Croatia

Co-produced by: Casablanca film productions, RTV Slovenia

Co-financed by: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia

Project phase: distribution

Contact: Uroš Goričan
Tel.: +386 31 655 203

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