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Why some secrets are best left uncovered.

Genre: feature, animation

Project phase: in development; looking for a co-production partner; rights acquired, script written


Based on the best-selling children’s book The Mishmas Bakery tells the story of a mysterious baker who makes the most delicious bread in the village. People wonder how he does it as they never see anyone helping him and he also doesn’t buy much flour from the mill. Does he have some mysterious helpers? Does he use magic?

But as long as every morning they get his delicious bread and pastry they don’t question him. Until one day the old jealous neighbour Gertha decides to unravel his mystery and changes the life of the village forever.

Based on a novel by: Svetlana Makarović

Character design by: Kaja Lipušček

Development financially supported by: Slovenian Film Centre

Contact: Uroš Goričan
Tel.: +386 31 655 203