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We are developing an Augmented Reality integrated content platform together with our partners to connect Tourism with History.

Genre: integrated application

Project phase: in development, building a demo, looking for partners

Let's play a game. You are traveler in a lovely country but already a bit bored...
You want an advature on your own.
You start by train...
Toward a formidable medieval castle on the hill above the river and railway.
But today the Castle is almost empty. And here, we are working to catch your imagination, here is a perfect spot for an Augmented Reality story - a medival mystery about noble dynasty.
Or again, somewhere else, a beautiful spot above a gentle valley. Is it possible that one of the most importand ancient battles happened around here?
Let's see. We will be back.


Apart of trying to navigate a tourist to the point of interest we are creating a story. A story which will reflect past, which will stir up one’s imagination, will bring feelings and emotions… Stay tuned 🙂

Development financially supported by: Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia

Contact: Uroš Goričan
Tel.: +386 31 655 203